About me

Hi, I’m Jez. I have been getting websites onto the internet since the mid ’90s. I started out coding in HTML, moved on to PHP, JavaScript and played around with a variety of other ways of developing websites until I finally decided WordPress was the way to go. I can easily and cheaply get a website from idea to production in a matter of hours. 20 years ago it would take weeks of coding to get a good product, now everything is streamlined and I have discovered the cheapest and easiest way to get going on the web. I love helping startups and small businesses who can’t afford to hire an agency to do their work for them.


My Process

I work with GreenGeeks exclusively as a registrar to obtain domain names and for hosting. They provide excellent support and in the 10 or so years that I’ve used them, they have always resolved my issues quickly and efficiently. I have no complaints, whereas with previous companies… not so much. I use WordPress to bring websites to life. Sometimes WordPress gets a bad rap, but as a cheap and beautiful solution, it IS the way to go.

My process is simple. You explain what you need, I make it happen. I will generally give an estimate of the total cost, VERY rarely does that cost exceed $500. After the website is up, there will be a monthly service fee of $50 that will cover the hosting, backup, maintenance, security etc of your website.  We will go into that further after we get started.

My Vision

I believe websites should be affordable and even the smallest companies should have an opportunity to expand their business online. Most website development companies will charge a startup thousands of dollars to get a website up. That is just ridiculous. it doesn’t take that much effort. Most people can do it on their own with just a little research. But startups and small businesses typically don’t have the time to devote to these things. That is why I am here.

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build

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